Start American soldiers scams on military dating sites

American soldiers scams on military dating sites

Schuster noticed that her suitor had bad grammar, but that didn't really bother her because her immigrant father had poor grammar as well.

It's a cute idea but I don't think it's wise to be providing such detail, especially your mother's maiden name, as it is often the secret question asked on sites where you require a password to log in.

So I'm revising the meme to suit me and I hope others will follow suit, either here as a comment on Olive Tree Genealogy blog, or on their own blog.

However, this data is rich in private details about individuals whose privacy must be protected and great care must be taken to do so. Most of them pose as widowed engineers with a child.

(now he’s supposed to be in texas so he said 2 weeks ago ) i said so your in texas???? Before you say to yourself, “that could never happen to me,” consider the fact that the fbi recorded some 15,000 romance scams last year, a jump of 2,500 from the year before.

He sent her poetry and page after page of emails professing his love.

The man even sent her a few pictures dressed in his military uniform, and he was very handsome.

“I just thought my prayers are being answered," she told VOA.