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The relationship between the Court of Directors and Lord Wellesley had never been too cordial.

রাজভবন লাটবাগান In sequence of the previously posted essay, ‘Barrackpore, a little Calcutta’, I am tempted to bring about the subject once again to share with you the fascinating details of the making of Barrackpore House and the Park as revealed in ‘The Story Of The Viceroys And Government Houses’ of Marquis Curzon of Kendleston.

Curzon started his research during his Viceroyalty (1899-1905), continued with it, and finally readied his work for Cassell to publish in 1925 before he took rest in peace. Although Curzon had a fond association with Government House at Calcutta as it was modelled after his ancestral manor Kendleston Hall, he took every care to follow faithfully the crazy path of history of the Barrackpore estate since Lord Wellesley started it all by himself.

A condensed and revised version was published in 1935 entitled, Story of Government houses by N V. Barrackpore is complementary to Government House in the same way that Viceroy Lodge, Simla, is complementary to Viceroy’s House, New Delhi.

The Governor General used to spend the whole of the year in Bengal, apart from tours, Barrackpore being his habitual summer residence.

Lord Ripon (1886-1884) installed a wooden porch In front.

Lord Minto (1905-1910) equipped the building with electric light, laid the floor in the drawing room and redecorated the entire house.

Being a conscientious and upright administrator, Wellesley remained untouched by any of such public scandals about his wasteful expenditure on pricey projects as reflected in Sir Charles D’Oyly’s anonymously published book of burlesque poem : BARRACKPORE ……. He was the boy For mating ducks and drakes with public cash, Planned a great house that time might not destroy: Built the first floor, prepared bricks, beam and sash And then retired, and left it in this dismal hash. 1824] By the order of the Court of Directors the construction work of Barrackpore House was suspended. While constructing his dream palace, Wellesley stayed in a temporary accommodation he had made with three large bedrooms opening on to a wide verandah to the North-West.

This bungalow happened to be the nucleus of the future Barrackpore House.

On the site he erected a large bungalow for a provisional residence, and nearby he laid the foundation of a palace that involved an estimated cost of four lakhs of rupees.

In July 1805, when its structure had come up to the ground storey level, Wellesley resigned and returned to England.

No other structural changes were attempted ever since, except for some minor modifications and additions of certain features.