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Resources and References on Roman Concrete Table of Contents 1. - using Roman construction methods to stimulate student interest by Stephanie Miller - University of Rochester Course on Roman Engineering (2003) by Stephanie Miller Roman Sites - probably the best resource on the web for historical Roman information. We are fortunate to have this atlas as it provides details on trade in ancient Rome.

You will meet some of the nicest people in the world there who seem always ready to help.

Below are all the references from the book, along with my commentary on their content and relevance to this issue. This book tells of the large steel trusses (Burr type) used to span 328 feet at the Lakehurst blimp hanger; they are similar to the design used in the wooden bridges the Romans used to cross the Danube River (shown in stone on Trajans Column). For instance, Doumas points out in the book that "circular troughs which the locals used to water their animals were actually heavy prehistoric mortars made of local volcanic stone." This island is an archaeologists dream to see if the ancients used volcanic ash in making concrete products similar to the Romans. He defines Roman building practices and adds support to the Roman practices given in Morgans book "Vitruvius-The Ten Books On Architecture." He cites Roman concrete making details (a little hard to read at times to get the technical meaning); some say he copied Vitruvius, but I truly reserve judgment. Many of the sections of Roman buildings have dimensions and are to scale. The text mentions form marks on the faces of the concrete foundation of the Flavian Palace in Rome around [???? This is important evidence of early concrete construction methods.

It is my hope that others can use these references as a starting point for further research in this area. This should raise the eyebrows of our modern structural engineers. See also Thayer's Roman Sites for an on-line full text version in Latin. Fletcher has given clear graphical representations to the Roman structures that are a great benefit to the students of architectural history. Other early construction methods of the ancients are discussed.

See Blackwell This original "stone city" established before statehood, still stands thanks to its founders' requirement that downtown buildings be constructed of stone to withstand fires.