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Irfan pathan dating anusha dandekar

Her stint as a presenter for 'Extraa Innings', a show that previews and reviews Indian Premier League matches, shot her into instant fame.

Both Archana and Shibani received an outpouring of support and their Twitter handles were flooded with messages. But you get the feeling that this is not the end of it.

Archana, like a lot of other people, knows that the Rochelle-Pallavi combination is not working wonders. Yes, she is busy with her business (she has created a monster), she is happily married and she is much sought-after by advertisers and is a regular face at special events across India but the legend of Archana is far from over.

Archana forged an impressive partnership with Shibani Dandekar and the two were an instant hit across the country, across age-group and across sexes. They came to me with something and I couldn't work with it. I won't take up something for the heck of it or because I am desperate.