Start Most intimidating fans in hockey

Most intimidating fans in hockey

The Toronto fans made their impression on the league during the first round of the 2013 playoffs, when a sellout crowd wasn’t enough support for the Leafs.

Any team on the wrong side of the crowd will have a tough time with the rowdy French-Canadians, which puts them at #4.#3: MTS Centre (Winnipeg Jets)The NHL’s newest team is home to some of the most passionate fans in the game.

After all, who wouldn’t be fired up to see their team play again after a 15-year absence?

In sport punctuated by dead balls and nothingness, the Yanks fans keep the intensity up and seem to be rivals with most every team that sets foot in their house.

As supporters of the most successful NHL club of all time, Canadiens fans can get a little rowdy, from the young to the old.

In upstate New York, there isn’t much to do in the winter months besides talk yourself off of bridges and not shave your legs. ” This is repeated approximately 72,400 times after every goal scored by Cornell.

So when it comes to hockey, this campus of almost 22,000 student camp out for season tickets in a style no different than the other college entrants on this list, the Cameron Crazies. The Lynah Faithful as they’re called fill up Lynah Rink every game with 4,300 loud fans that have nowhere else to be, making the barn-like interior feel like it holds about 300 people, all of whom are screaming directly in your ear. On any given game day, you can see fans handing out sheets of paper with specific instruction to start chanting the opposing goalie’s girlfriend’s telephone number (true), his mom’s full name (in an effort to prove that all 4,300 in attendance have banged her the night before), and the chants counting up the number of goals scored on the opposing goalie, then the repeated reminder that “It’s all your fault! Granted the goalie gets it worst of all, but for the opposing team’s last line of defense, it’s really, really bad. Yankees fans are by and large, smart baseball fans.

In the ways that many of the crowds on this list are clever, coordinated, and ingenious, Radiers fans are…not.