Start Running camp for adults 2012

Running camp for adults 2012

Says Gates, “Since I got tired of doing the cooking, we bring along a professional chef to serve up a variety of salads, proteins, bread pudding and fresh margaritas.” The best part of all?

The runs are “where the participants experience big shifts, breakthroughs and ah-ha moments about what’s been holding them back,” Fish says.

While participants of any running background are welcome to attend, the retreat is catered to those who are looking to run with more ease and flow.

Home base for the weekend is the Scarp River Lodge, where you can expect chef-prepared food, hot tubs and free shuttles to and from the mountain town of Crested Butte.

Says Kremer, “The Eleven Experience takes the accommodations and hospitality to an unprecedented level, making the recovery just as much fun as the activities.” 4.

We can promise that these trail-running retreats are better than the camps of your youth (though we can’t promise the smells will be much better, since we are talking about trail runners). Hut Run Hut contributing editor) Rickey Gates’s fun and adventurous trail-running camp takes participants over 100 miles of “hiking trails, lesser-used winter ski trails, jeep roads, some bushwhacking and ridge lines.” Starting in Vail, Colorado, 11 runners and five guides (including Gates and Jenn Shelton) will run between 10 and 25 miles each day, sleeping in 10th Mountain Division Huts along the way.

Gates shies away from calling it a camp, however: “It is a high-alpine migration with an emphasis on fun over fast, where you go off to camp, play all day, eat till you’re stuffed, laugh until you cry and fall asleep in a room with all of your new buddies.” Despite the relatively remote locations of each hut, the food is far from typical camping fare.

“The ultimate outcome is overall better health, which is the essential foundation that must come first, before building fitness.” 3.