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Expected lifespan under controlled water conditions as per recommendations can be 8 to 10 years as reported by many of our clients.

It also offers 100% resistance against algae infestation.

The pool had to be scrubbed and treated on an ongoing basis. The painting was done over a period of three days in 2001.

I personally for a period of almost a year to try and keep my pool clean from algae. The answer came when I found out about Pool Solutions' epoxy paint for swimming pools The process was very simple. The impressive part was the preparation and scrubbing and cleaning.

The final result was a smooth finish where algae could not stick.

If any form of algae formed they could simply be wiped away by hand or the sucking power of the automatic pool cleaner.

It has now been During 2009, Rian confirmed he is still using his pool with the original epoxy coat still intact after 8 years! During 2010 Rian moved to a new home and we renewed his swimming pool at the new house in February 2011. That's not all; should you need to do pool repairs for whatever reason within the three year gauarantee period outside our guarantee conditions, we will replace product for you at our factory input cost level (no profit intentions) within the three year period.

We believe in friendly service and long-term customer relationships and once you are a customer, we hope you will stay our customer.

You can get excellent results with a durable, decorative Epoxy Pool Paint at much lower cost.