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But the twist is, Samantha (Alexis Knapp) and Alex (Callum Alexander) have been dating for a year, and she doesn't know he's a prince. But on a trip to her hometown for Christmas, Samantha learns the truth when an old classmate turns out to be a royal watcher and recognises Alex as Prince Alexander of Maldovia. My thoughts: So I liked the fact that Samantha and Alex's relationship was well-established and, unlike a lot of these movies, they didn't fall in love in a matter of days. And the setting of Generic Small Town USA wasn't my fave – I came for CASTLES, dammit!

The song remained #1 for the whole of September, and was still in the Top 40 when its follow-up single "In Your Eyes" debuted at UK #3 in February 2002.

'Rice on White' is a crass yet heartfelt romantic comedy with an un-PC take on how Asian-American men are perceived in today's dating scene.

It was a lot of fun – all the requisite scenes were there, including baking, tree-decorating, snowball fights, horse rides, Christmas ball makeovers etc etc etc.

Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's Winchester brothers?

Rating: 3/10 What it's about: An ordinary blonde from a small town falls in love with a British-sounding brunette prince.

See, Prince Duncan of Balemont (Kirk Barker) is trying to escape a marriage to a complete stranger, so he runs away from his vaguely European country to America, where his car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and he meets and falls for another complete stranger – our heroine, Emma (Viva Bianca). My thoughts: The best way to explain how I felt about this movie is to give you a peek into the notes I took while watching it.

sounds like something out of Frankenstein”-he's a WOKE prince-he spent most of his trust setting up foundation for children from low income families to… -oh they ALSO do choir practice hahahah because “some of the kids aren’t into sports”-they’ve been on at least three dates-four dates-FIVE dates! -where is Christmas tho -oh shit it's just Christmas-adjacent-NOW THAT IS A MAKEOVER OK, so as you can see, I realised midway through that this is NOT technically a Christmas movie, because I'm pretty sure it's set in January. Unfortunately, it loses points for the lack of Christmas trees. But there's a scene where Sam Heughan dances like an absolute dork and it's honestly one of the greatest pieces of cinema I've ever seen. He takes her home for Christmas and it's all completely normal, except of course his mother, THE QUEEN (Jane Seymour), wants to break them up so her dear boy can marry some posh duchess. My thoughts: I'm not sure if I've just watched too many of these things (I mean, I definitely have), but I want to say this one was almost... Like, the main couple are actually pretty damn charming (excerpt from my notes: "THEY’RE ADORABLE!!!